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Future proof paid for service

Below you can find information about the paid for services we can offer to help with retrofitting your home

EPC and energy advice (£120)

We can perform an audit of your house and generate an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your property. An EPC is a document which sets out the energy efficiency of your property on a traffic light system of A to G, with A being the most efficient. It will give you an estimate of how much it will cost to heat and power your property. It also includes recommendations of energy-efficient improvements, the cost of carrying them out, and the financial savings that each one could generate. Your EPC will be valid for 10 years.

Our trained advisor will go through your EPC with you to discuss the recommended improvements and give you an indication of what’s best for your property.

CHEESE thermal imaging survey (free subject to availability)

The Cold Homes Energy Efficiency Survey Experts (CHEESE) project aims to reduce domestic energy loss at low cost. We can refer you for a thermal imaging survey from the CHEESE project. The surveys are designed to identify where your home is losing heat which will enable them to suggest low cost remedies like draft proofing. In some instances a thermal imaging survey can help you identify issues with existing insulation or building construction. For more information about how this works you can visit the CHEESE website.

Retrofit assessment and report (£200)

One of our Trustmark approved Retrofit Assessors can produce a report for you in-line with the PAS 2035 (link to our Trustmark and PAS 2035 page) quality standard. In the future, every dwelling that is to have energy retrofit work carried out must first be assessed by a Retrofit Assessor. Their main role is to provide information to the Retrofit Coordinator about the dwelling. This information will subsequently be used to determine the best package of measures for the building.

Our assessor will perform a whole house assessment of your property. They will collect information on the existing condition of the building, current energy efficiency levels and the carbon emissions associated with the property. The report will contain the following outputs:

  • Energy Report – Provides a SAP score and an associated EPC rating, estimated costs and CO2 emissions, recommendations for improvement and the levels of savings possible
  • The data that was collected and assumed in the production of the energy report
  • Occupancy Assessment – This is in addition to the information collected as part of an EPC assessment and gives householders a more accurate prediction of their estimated energy costs and CO2
  • Condition Report – The physical state of the dwelling at the time of the assessment related to features that may inhibit the performance of any future energy efficiency measures, containing photographs and written description.

This report could then be used by a Retrofit Coordinator to develop a plan for your home.

Full survey and Retrofit Coordinator Plan (£500 small house, £800 large house i.e. 3 or more bedrooms)

One of our Retrofit Coordinators can help produce a plan for your building. Under PAS 2035, Retrofit Coordinators are qualified to oversee the assessment of dwellings as well as the subsequent specification, monitoring, and evaluation of energy efficiency measures.

Your plan is designed to take a whole house approach to improving your home. The first step is for one of our Retrofit Assessors to come and assess your whole house to find out everything we need to know about your existing energy usage and the building itself. We will use this information to develop a bespoke plan for your home, detailing all the measures you could take to make your home as energy efficient as possible as a whole,

[1] We would need to prepare a bespoke quote for a property with more than 5 bedrooms.

with recommendations on the most cost-effective and impactful measures to take forward.

The plan will include:

  • a retrofit risk assessment for each dwelling or dwelling type within the retrofit project
  • a medium term improvement plan for your home, for implementation over a period of thirty years

Once we’ve given you your plan our Retrofit Coordinator will go through the installation options with you to help you prioritise the work, identify skilled contractors like our associate FAB builders (link to page) to install the measures and identify any key considerations such as planning. If you need quality assurance or project management services we can also provide these for an additional cost (see below).

On-site inspection & sign-off (£800)

To ensure that the installation of energy efficiency measures delivers the best results for your home there often needs to be close attention to detail. In particular, poorly installed solid wall insulation can lead to unintended consequences such as damp. To ensure that your home is improved to as high a quality as possible we can visit your project to inspect the work and then sign-off the final installation to say that it’s been checked by a qualified Retrofit Coordinator.

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